Bear Apprentice 3 Youth Compound Bow


Bear Apprentice 3 Bear-Apprentice-3-Youth-Compound-Bow

The Bear Apprentice 3  shoots up to 265 fps. Its draw weight adjusts from 15 lbs to 60 lbs and has a 15” to 27” adjustable draw-length range. The 15” to 27” draw-length is perfect for growing kids. This easy to shoot bow has a 6” brace height and a 70% let-off for consistent accuracy giving young archers the confidence they need to continue shooting and start hunting. The bow has a compacted 27.5 axle-to-axle length. Smooth two-cam rotating-module system. String suppression reduces game-spooking noise. Lightweight machined-aluminum-alloy riser and an advanced grip design eliminates hand torque. It only weighs a surprisingly 2.9 lbs.

The Bear Apprentice 3  Realtree APE or Realtree AP snow pink compound-bow package includes: Bow, Trophy Ridge whisker biscuit, Trophy Ridge 3-pin sight, four-arrow quiver, and a nock loop. This Package is for sale for 299.99 at you local Cabela’s or online at
Pros: Has great adjustment range of both draw-weight and draw-length, low price for package, and a smooth draw cycle.
Cons: The limbs are made of plastic.
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