Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Microvault – Lightning Quick and NO More Keys

Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Microvault

Are you looking for a small & durable gun safe? Are you looking to secure your firearm and have lightning quick access to it when you need it? Are you worried that your young children may gain access to your LOADED HANDGUN?

The Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Microvault pistol gun safe may be just what you are looking for.

The Gunvault MVB500 is constructed of heavy 20 gauge steel with soft foam inside to protect your belongings. The MVB500 can handle a maximum of 120 fingerprint templates and comes standard with a 4 inch security cable. Gunvault uses a high-performance algorithm to achieve quick access to your belongings inside. Each time a user touches the fingerprint scanner the self-learning algorithm of the Gunvault MVB500 Biometric adds new minutiae to the fingerprint templates.Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Microvault


  • Size: 10 3/4 in x 6 1/2 in x 2 in
  • Weight: 5 LBS
  • Material: 20 Gauge Steel
  • Liner: Foam
  • Cable: High Strength
  • No-Eyes® Keypad

So here are the Pro’s

This safe is ideal for travel because it is small and lightweight. You can keep it right on a nightstand, slide it in a briefcase or store it under the seat of your vehicle (of course making sure to follow your state’s carry laws).

Because of the Biometric scanner, any children in the home would be unable to open the safe. Same for any intruders that were to get into your home. Only authorized persons whom have had their fingerprint scanned and stored have access, PERIOD! There is also a key if the battery were to fail. The safe comes with a cable tether that will secure the safe to a bigger and heavier object for safe keeping. If you don’t plan on moving it around there are also 4 small holes through the bottom that you can put a screw through and attach it to something more permanent.

And Of Course The Con’s

-This safe IS lightweight and small, therefore it would be easy for someone to grab it and run away with it… if you let them!

-There are videos out there on the giant world wide web that show this safe being broken into with a screwdriver and hammer with a few minutes of prying and pounding. So, yes it can be done but the idea is to get your gun out and use it to protect yourself if the situation arose that you were facing an intruder… hence the “lightning speed.” Get it out fast and use it if you have to!

-Last but not least there are reviews that claim that the biometric fingerprint scanner only works “sometimes”. I’m sure there is room for user error but generally Biometrics is the safest way to store your belongings and is the fastest option of getting them in case of an emergency.

Did you know that fingerprints DO NOT change over time ever unless permanent scarring has occured?

In our opinion the Pro’s outweigh the Con’s on this great little safe. Compact and easy to open. It is a great first safe for anyone looking to secure their belongings.

If you have kids around the house please be sure to secure your firearm. It is the first step in protecting those you love!!!!

This Could Have Been Prevented!!


Watch this Video – Gunvault MVB500 Biometric Microvault – Questions Answered

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  1. Guy

    We’re never too safe. Especially with guns and kids around.

    In my opinion they shouldn’t know where they are if you have one in the house — and even don’t know that you have them at all. But when you live in a local place like mine full of hunters there are a lot of people who have guns in the house.

    We haven’t heard any accident related to it so far here. But we are never TOO sure. Safety is CRUCIAL. Great article.

    1. Freeman Brian (Post author)


      Thanks so much for your comment. Guns and kids is a very controversial subject. My personal belief is that guns exist in our culture and kids need to be taught about how to respect them and when the time is right they need to be taught how to safely operate them. The kids parents or legal guardian needs to keep the firearms secured away from the children in a locked gun safe. The parent has to make a very big decision as to when their child is responsible enough to have the access code to open that gun safe and obtain a firearm without parental supervision. Thanks again for your comment!


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