How to Shoot a Compound Bow Accurately

Shooting-A Compound-Bow-Accurately

Knowing how to shoot a compound bow accurately will compound your chances for a successful hunt. When that monster buck or herd bull comes within range you will default to your lowest level of training. Make sure you master these fundamental bow hunting tips.

1. Gripping your bow correctly: Gripping-Your-Bow Correctly

When you grip your bow make sure that your hand is as relaxed as possible, because if you squeeze the bow too tight or hold it with your fingers open it may cause you to move the bow and miss your shot.

2. Relax your muscles:

Make sure that you relax the shoulder and arm that you are gripping the bow with, as well as your neck muscles. This will keep your bow steady.

3. Drawing your bow back safely: Draw-Your-Bow-Back-Safely

When drawing your bow back make sure that you are not struggling to pull it back. If so, lower the poundage on your bow. This will help improve your accuracy and make it easier to pull back.

4. Anchoring point: Anchoring-Point

Once you have drawn your bow make sure you are anchoring your release in the same spot every time which is behind your jaw bone. If you don’t, it will change your left to right margin where your arrow will hit.

5. Follow through:

Once you release your arrow make sure that you move your arm back strait behind you. If you pull it out to the side, your bow will pivot and you will miss your shot.

Check out this awesome video from Sean at Sean’s Outdoor Adventures. He’ll show you step by step how to shoot a compound bow accurately.

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