Non-Lethal Weapons

non lethal weapons
The Challenge

With today’s gun grabbing liberal politicians at work in our country, carrying a concealed firearm may not be a viable option for you to protect yourself or your loved ones. This is truly evident in states like California where issuing a concealed weapons permit is “May Issue”. The local sheriffs department can make you prove that you have “Good Cause” (Self Defense does not qualify) in order to be issued a permit. You are therefore not issued a permit and cannot legally carry a firearm to protect yourself.This in fact takes away your 2nd amendment right! So now what are your options to protect yourself while out in public?

Non-lethal Self Defense Weapons

Fortunately we still have the option to turn to non-lethal self defense weapons to take care of business. Many of these weapons can be concealed without a permit and can incapacitate your attacker, buying you precious time to escape to safety.

Types of Non-lethal Self Defense Weapons:

Taser Guns, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray Guns, Bean Bag Guns, Tactical Pens, Batons, Self Defense Keychains and Self Defense Alarms.

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