Nosler Custom Trophy Grade Ammunition-Review

If you read any hunting or firearm magazines it’s a given that you’ve seen advertisements for Nosler Custom Trophy Grade Ammunition. So whats all the talk about?

Nosler claims that these rounds have superior accuracy to that of standard factory rounds. Here is information and a direct quote off of Nosler’s website:

*Cases Checked for correct length
*Necks sized and chamfered for proper alignment
*Powder charges are meticulously weighed
*Finished rounds are visually inspected and polished
*Loaded rounds are hand-packaged in hard plastic boxes with all performance data printed on the label
*Ammunition box labels can be personalized with customer’s name or information at no additional cost
*All rounds are hand-loaded by Nosler ballisticians
*Small, precisly-built runs of hand-loaded ammunition
*Nosler’s ballisticians are expert handloaders. It’s their expertise that goes into the making of NoslerCustom® Ammunition. It’s not just knowledge and special attention that sets this ammunition apart. The key is that we are combining the very best components, in the exact amounts, with decades of practical, hands-on experience. The result is a custom load that can bring your shot to a new level of consistency.

“Using load data for an individual cartridge that we developed in our own ballistics lab, we load each round of NoslerCustom® Ammunition with steps not typically taken with factory-loaded ammunition”

A friend of mine just purchased 2 boxes of Nosler Custom 300 WSM 180gr AccuBond and claimed to have shot quarter size groups at 100yds. He was very pleased with the performance.

Nosler is offering an outstanding recovery act rebate offer through December 31st of this year. If you buy 2 boxes of any Nosler Custom Trophy Grade Ammunition in 243 caliber and larger they will mail you a third box for free. Click here to print out the Nosler Rebate.

Click here to view the Nosler Custom Trophy Grade Ammunition Ballistics Chart for all calibers.

Nosler offers the following bullets in a number of different weights in their Custom line:




*Ballistic Tip Hunting

*Ballistic Tip Varmint

*Ballistic Tip Lead Free

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    It’s great ammunition for hunters. This must be read by hunting enthusiasts.


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