NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home

Will you be ready?

Will you be ready?

If you are concerned about you and your families safety then I highly suggest you take the  NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home Class. It is an 8 hour class combined with classroom time and range time that gives you the knowledge to help set up a safe room inside your home and establish an emergency plan for your family in the event you are faced with a home invasion. It is absolutely vital that you read the course material either before or after the class to be sure you take in every possibly detail and apply it to your home safety plan. When you are on the range you will learn the difference between concealment and cover and will learn how to position yourself so that you have the tactical advantage over the home invader. You will learn to give the proper verbal commands to the intruder to stop, potentially while you have 911 dispatch on the phone. If the intruder does not stop and proceeds to attack you, you will learn how to unleash a merciless counter attack with your firearm. The NRA believes the best way to stop a home invasion is to put tactics into place that will cause the intruder to avoid your house all together. You will be taught what you need to do to make your home safe and an unlikely target for the home invader. They are simple yet vitally important to you and your families safety.

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